Revolutionizing textile-to-textile

recycling technology to enable

the fashion & textile industry

to shift to circularity.

Enabling a seamless closed-loop ecosystem from end-of-life textile waste
to offer valuable recycled textile raw materials for the whole industry at scale.
Existing operations in Turkey with established capacity and thriving
for scale with over 1 million tonnes per year planned capacity.
Building on more than 100 years of textile expertise
and innovation from our founders at SANKO. 


1m tonnes of textile waste recycled by 2030 + scale-up at capacity

Large-scale circular hub

RE&UP fibers transformed into RCS and GRS certified yarns

How the ecosystem works

Watch this space for updates.

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Re&Up is a company dedicated to advanced textile-to-textile recycling.

RE&UP Technologies Holding BV | Chamber of Commerce Reg. No.: 91872979 | VAT Reg. No. : NL865.800.923.B01

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